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Phoka Forensics is a 100% black-owned private company established in 2021 after its Director, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) by profession, had been a practitioner in the field of general and fraud investigation for over 20 years in the corporate, private and public Sectors. This was in response to the need to bridge the gap in skills shortage in the fields of specialized services required by clients who are confronted with fraud, corruption and financial irregularities resulting in losses and impacting on service-delivery in the public sector.

It prides itself in providing excellent services with a great standard of quality, efficiency, and highest professionalism. Focusing on advising clients in risk management, fraud prevention and ethical conduct.

“Phoka” is a South Sotho word for MIST or FOG. The strength of “Phoka” comes from it being immovable and remaining unchallenged by human or animal intervention. Phoka Forensics seeks to maintain the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, professionalism and people ethics which will follow in the meaning of Phoka by being above reproach and unchallenged.

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Forensic Investigation Expertise

The Managing Director is a practicing CFE supported by specialist investigators, legal professionals and accountants with expertise in their respective fields. Phoka Forensics’ Managing Director has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, investigation and security & risk advisory in both public and private sectors which provided him with skills in criminal, civil and financial misconduct investigation Cases.
Phoka Forensics has associates and partners who collaborate within the sphere of their businesses having the relevant expertise from these partners and associates as and when required.
In line with the clients’ requirements, Phoka Forensics will in-source this relevant expertise from associates and partners.

Phoka Forensics’ expertise includes, amongst others, fraud awareness strategy development, threat risk assessment, training in conducting whistle-blower-related investigations and other related investigations into financial misconduct. The company is also experienced in the coordination of executive protection services.
Investigations concluded include the provision of detailed reports which have recommendations to assist the clients with their internal processes that may be required to be followed after the investigations including, but not limited to disciplinary inquiries.